Provides IT support for Small to Medium Sized Organizations. We help you with:
• Improving the uptime and efficiency of your network infrastructure.
• Freeing up valuable time for your employees to focus on their core responsibilities.
• Controlling and reducing technology capital and labor costs.
Services Included Are:
• Unlimited Onsite Support
• Unlimited Help Desk Support
• 24/7 Emergency Support
• 24/7 Network Monitoring
• Assigned Project Manager
• Ongoing Strategic Guidance
• Data Backup Management
• Security and Patch Management
• Email Virus and Spam Protection
• Volume Discounts on Hardware and Software Purchases
• Managed Print Services

Network Monitoring and Response

We will minimize as many potential problems as possible before they occur, and to stop those that occur before they stop you from working. Response to these alerts is included.

Daily Backup Verification

We check on your backups to ensure they ran successfully, and take corrective action if they failed for any reason.

Security and Patch Management

This is a critical measure today to keep systems protected and performing well.

Asset Inventory and License Tracking

We will maintain inventory of all hardware and installed software, to better manage your resources. Licensed software is managed for compliance.

Monthly Network Health Reporting

We provide reports on how your network is running and an analysis of its overall health.

Quarterly Management Meeting

We meet with your IT Manager to discuss your business needs and the technology solutions to achieve them, and we provide assistance in budget planning for future IT needs.

Emergency 24/7 Support Availability

We are available for any business-critical needs, such as network or server outages.

Full Imaging of Servers and Client Computers

To complement your current backup, we provide a second tier of protection that safeguards servers and computers while substantially reducing the time to restore a failed system.

Total Network Management

We provide a complete and proactive network management solution, not just the break-fix approach that some technology companies take.

Email Virus & Spam Protection

The vast majority of exploits come via email, so this is the first line of defense. This service also mitigates the time wasted on spam.
Install software over the network automatically and consistently.

Remote Control

To best support issues that come up, we can remotely control your computer to “see what you see” when fixing a problem.

No trip fee or minimum hours for onsite work

Everything is bundled in one monthly rate, so these charges never apply.

All Scheduled Support Included

All regular maintenance of the network is included in one flat price. Unlimited support specifically excludes: all project work, same day or after hours requests for non-emergency services, and physical damage, caused by a client or natural disaster.